On this page, you’ll find many different ways in which you can lend your experience to benefit the people of Fond des Blancs during one or more of our two team trips each year.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or have an area of expertise that you think could help but is not listed here, please let us know.

Is your student group interested in planning a trip to Haiti?  Visit this page to learn more about how our student group trip options add valuable leadership development, language & cultural awareness and service to any high school or university program.

Long-Term Opportunities

We have no long-term opportunities in Haiti at this time.

Short-Term Opportunities

Ever thought of making an impact in the lives of people from a different country not as fortunate as you, but maybe don’t have months or years of your own life to give to that effort? Do you have both the desire and background experience to lead a project or team in a third world setting (and don’t mind using part or all of your vacation time to do so)?  Have the patience, sense of humor, adaptability, and communication skills often needed to thrive in a different culture than your own?  If this sounds like you, then read on!

“You can impress people from a distance. You can impact people only from up close.”
— Will Richert

We schedule our biggest trips in the month of August, but will also put some together at other times of the year depending upon the projects we’re working on and the teams we’re able to assemble. We’re even open to considering your ideas for trips and alternative assignments. In conjunction with reading about these positions, please browse our Frequently Asked Questions page.

See below for the current development areas according to our needs & capacity at this time.  Included for each one is a description of that role, negotiable qualifications that indicate whether you might be a fit for it, and the time length that’s ideally expected to effectively accomplish the goals described…


To improve our education programs (and start exciting new ones!), we’re looking for a number of qualified educators in different fields to assist in making our schools the best they can be.


We are looking to deploy short-term medical teams, which include nurses, generalists, specialists, and dentists. We are also seeking an administrator, physical therapist, pharmacist, technicians, and others to advise us on the viability of future programs. Read on to see where you fit in.


These roles are so crucial to effectively executing these trips.  So much hangs on the ability to proficiently plan all aspects of the schedule beforehand, line up project details so the experts can do their thing, and keep the whole operation running smoothly throughout.


We are looking only at filling specialized ministry roles, as we already have a number of pastors, evangelists, and general ministry workers that advise us in country already.

Business Development

Establishing a self-sustaining middle class is so vital to the future of Haiti, and we need professionals to help guide and advise us in this capacity.

Community Development

With the pervasive lack of resources and basic infrastructure to really give themselves a leg up, our community is in great need of individuals willing to share their time and/or expertise to bring sustainable and contextualized solutions to these problems.


We’re looking for those who are as equally adept at working with their hands as they are their intellect – for these roles require a lot of both. Ever studied engineering or architecture? Led a building project before? Have development experience in a developing country? Then read on.

Fundraising & Marketing

These roles demand great people skills (particularly strong communication ability) and knowing your target audience for any given situation.  So, if you’re one who has a knack for selling a concept or product even where there was no previous knowledge or interest then we need you.


Calling all experienced green thumbs out there! … well, at least those who have larger-scale farm/gardening experience. Our community is largely comprised of farmers, and we’re looking to institute coop programs potentially, but need help.