On this page, you’ll find a LOT of ways in which you can lend your experience to benefit the people of Fond des Blancs during one or more of our two team trips each year.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or have an area of expertise that you think could help but is not listed here, please let us know.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Short-Term Opportunities

We are looking to undertake a number of new projects and roll out our programs in a bigger way this coming year, so we need plenty of volunteers to support these shorter assignments both here & in Haiti. Might you be one of them?

Our short-term US-based opportunities are largely centered on research and/or fundraising activities.  Please contact us if you are interested in providing research or fundraising in the following program areas:

  • education in Haiti
  • Haiti agriculture
  • small and medium enterprise development
  • program monitoring and evaluation
  • international donors to Haiti
  • organizational development

Long-Term Opportunities

We have some roles that are ongoing and will always require filling. Plugging in with us doesn’t lock you in for the long haul and there’s no expectation that you’d serve alongside us for any longer than you’re willing or able.

“Service…is not something to do in your spare time, it is the very purpose of life.”
— Marian Wright Edelman

Do you have an interest in making an international impact, but simply aren’t available to travel?  We have a number of volunteer positions available here in the States and many that can even be filled right in the comfort of your own home. We’d love to hear from you if any of the below descriptions pique your interest.  If you have relevant skills that don’t quite fit any of these positions, please reach out!  All opportunities require at least a high school degree, though we may be able to arrange work for students in need of service hours.

Any of these positions may be formalized as internships, which will provide you the opportunity to represent GSI at networking and/or fundraising events, set mutally agreed-upon hours, and work on your own schedule.

Online Media Coordinator


  • Description: Are you a social media expert…or even just want to build your skills and get some experience? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been identified as our high priority social media outlets. If you know how to manage and optimize accounts on these sites, or have any other suggestions, we’re all ears and could use your help to get the word out about our work.
  • Qualifications: Knowledge of and/or interest in social media.
  • Time Length: At least one thoughtful post on each identified social networking site per week for three months.
Grants Coordinator


  • Description: As a completely volunteer-run organization, the time we can dedicate to researching and writing grant applications is more limited than we’d like.  We have the capability in-house to write grants, but we need your help to identify funding sources!  We can even give you some actionable leads, but are looking for a self-starter who has superior critical thinking skills and can identify solid and relevant opportunities.  If you are looking to build your grant writing skills, we’re all for you going ahead and writing applications as well
  • Qualifications: Experience in grant writing for nonprofits, preferably for international applications
  • Time Length: At least two hours a week for three months is preferable, but this is negotiable
Church Outreach Coordinator


  • Description: If you have a passion for strengthening the Church by facilitating effective partnerships, read on!  This position is vital to developing sustainable partnerships with churches, partnerships that will be used to garner prayer, volunteer, and monetary support.  We also see short-term missions opportunities to stem from your work in this position.  Although it will be easiest to coordinate with churches in the Washington, DC area (particularly for speaking engagements), there is no specific location requirement.
  • Qualifications: Extensive church involvement, preferably at least two years of ministry leadership.  An interest in communications, missions, and church outreach is preferred.
  • Time length: At least four hours a month reaching out to churches for support
Technical Assistance Coordinator


  • Description: The Technical Assistance Coordinator will research and reach out to universities and individual technical experts in agriculture, community development, water purification, etc. to seek their interest in volunteering with GSI Haiti on the ground and/or providing advice or resources from the US.  You will be the primary agent for connecting on-the-ground needs with sustainable, long-term solutions.
  • Qualifications: At least three years in international development, with a good understanding of top innovator companies, organizations, and universities
  • Time length: Four hours per month of research and outreach preferred
Corporate Relations Coordinator


  • Description: The Corporate Relations Coordinator will be responsible for researching and contacting corporations to solicit donations for GSI.  Most donations requested will be in the form of whatever good or service the company produces.  This might include generators, new technology, medical supplies, water purification, etc.
  • Qualifications: Self-motivation, persistence, resourcefulness, and good writing skills are required for this position. Preference for someone with experience in this or an equivalent.
  • Time length: Four hours per month of research and outreach preferred
Diaspora Outreach Coordinator


  • Description: We’ve met many members of the Haitian Diaspora community who are interested in giving back to the beautiful people of their country, but want to do so in a meaningful way. We are looking for a stand-out individual to reach out to them to facilitate fundraising and investment opportunities.  This position is a lot about listening to their hopes for the country and linking their donations and investments to the GSI program that best fits their concerns.  You will be interacting both with individuals and groups, and can do so right in your own neighborhood.
  • Qualifications: A Haitian Diaspora community member is strongly preferred for this position.  Ideally, you’ll already be well-connected within the community, whether through a university campus, business association, etc.
  • Time Length: A minimum commitment of six months is preferred, with at least 2 events and/or meetings each month at your convenience
Fundraising Events Coordinator


  • Description: One of our favorite ways of making our cause known is simply through getting different people together to talk about the issues and have a little fun.  Do you have a knack for throwing great parties, and want to use this power for good?  Whether it’s a benefit dinner, walk, concert, market, auction, or another event, we need you to coordinate it!  We can provide plenty of support, including offering recommendations, graphic design for invitations, and other promotional materials.
  • Qualifications: We’d like for you to have planned at least one successful fundraising event in the past.
  • Time Length: It’s really up to you, and will depend on the complexity of the event(s)