Within the past 5 years, GSI has recently initiated a few new adult vocational programs in the Fond des Blancs community.  The idea is to help them gain economic independence and to strengthen community & family life through the skills and principles learned in our classes.

Adult Education Program

We believe it’s never too late to obtain a basic education. Whether it’s to broaden one’s job prospects or for basic self-improvement, we see communities strengthened when all its members have a shared sense of the value & practicality of formal education.  Our class offers the following to all enrolled:

  • Reading & Writing
  • Math
  • Business Skills
  • Individual Learning & Group Activities

Picture the pride of fathers who are now able to help their kids with homework, working mothers who won’t have trouble carrying out basic transactions and keeping records for their small business, and the elderly who will now be able to read stories to children in the village or feel more empowered to use their vast life experience to take a more active role in community development.


These are fantastic opportunities to potentially discover new leaders who previously had no real forum to demonstrate their capabilities or voice their ideas on the future direction the community should take … but now they do.

If you are thankful for the simple gift of being able to read to your child, donate today to help enable another parent to do the same.

“If I know something and my classmate doesn’t, then I show them how. If I don’t know something and he does, he shows me how.”
— Adult Education Student