Within the past 5 years, GSI has recently initiated a few new adult vocational programs in the Fond des Blancs community.  The idea is to help them gain economic independence and to strengthen community & family life through the skills and principles learned in our classes.

Electrician Program

“There’s no craft that will not feed the craftsman.”
— Haitian Proverb

We also recently started an electrician’s course (which will also teach principles of construction in the coming year) for many in the community who are interested in pursuing this trade of the future. As Haiti continues to develop its infrastructure, it will need more skilled workers for construction and maintenance. Because of great demand, this course has also branched into two classes.

Each student begins as a novice and is trained toward achieving certification.  In the interim as they gain more skills, students may have the opportunity to work on GSI-sponsored community development projects for which they’ll also be compensated.  Along the way, we’ll also be working with them to develop business skills to complement their technical training for seeking out & building on other opportunities they find for themselves when they’re on their own.  At the end of the course, we hope to be able to link our skilled graduates with employment opportunities.

For the ones taking this course, this is truly a life-changing opportunity GSI is offering them.  If hearing about this inspires you, consider getting involved financially or professionally.